22 November 2014

School plans

I said in my previous post that I would next write about my plans for the rest of my evening high school time. So, here we go.

English books

So far I have 39 courses done and you need 44 in order to graduate. Which means I am almost done with the courses! In this current term I will get two new courses done (plus I am redoing one more course), so that leaves me 3 courses for the next two terms. Not much considering I usually do 4-5 courses per term. There is also few courses I want to redo and try to get better grade. Like I said in my previous post, I am in high school to get as good grades as possible.

The fourth term of this year, which will be my last term, will end late March / early April, depending on the exam days. For the third term I will have two new courses and one or two that I will redo. For the fourth term I have one (the last) new course and one or two courses to redo. Also during that term I will have the second set of the finals.

Mathematics books

Now about the finals. I was to try and write all my exams this autumn, but since I got badly sick (38,5 degrees fever to start with), I didn't manage to participate in History examination. So that I will have to do in March. I am also probably going to write Finnish & Literature again, since the grade is too low (it is not enough for some schools I am applying + my points fell down a lot from preliminary points). But I can very proudly say I got the best possible grade from English and Mathematics (even when I was sick during Math examination). The best grade is given to only 5% of the examinees, so I am very happy.

So, overall what I have left of high school is: 1-2 finals, 5 new courses and 3-5 courses to redo. Finish line ahead! There might come changes to this plan, but this is what I go with now.

History books

[ps. Lately I have sort of lost my interest to write this blog. Which is weird since I really wanted to have this kind of blog, but now I am more interested on my other blog. Maybe it is because I have so much school stuff currently (exam week coming up). But I have also started to question which way I want this blog to evolve, so I am not entirely sure what to write. I do have some ideas, but they don't inspire me at the moment. So, let's see... I probably am more inspired to write this blog once I have more time.]

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