01 November 2014

Starting a blog...

Well, hello you who have stumbled upon this brand new blog of mine!

I finally am starting my own blog. Or actually I am starting TWO blogs. For many years I have said that I will start blogging, but so far have only pushed it into the unknown future. But now here I go...


I want to record my experiences in order to be able to look back what my life and I was like back when. I also want to share them as to maybe help or inspire others, possibly come across like-minded people and/or communities, or just if someone finds my blog posts entertaining. I am not aiming at making my blog some super-popular blog with loads and loads of readers or becoming professional blogger.

When I started actually planning my blog, I searched help from internet and came across an important question: What will be my blog's niche? I read many comments and articles saying that every blog should have a niche. But how about when I just want to share my life experiences and stuff like that? It's really not a niche... I pondered about it for a long time and eventually did figure out a niche for my blog: music. So, I thought I'll start a music blog. But that left me at unease: I wanted to share all kinds of life experiences, not just music related. Hence besides a niche blog I decided to start a non-niche blog, a lifestyle blog is it?


I feel like I am at an important and interesting point in my life. I am currently studying my last year at evening "high school" (different school system, but high school is the clearest term for this level of study) and next year I am hoping to start university abroad! So, the main reason I wanted to start this blog is to follow my journey moving to a foreign country and living there. And in few years time hopefully two other countries!

In this blog, I will share my experiences related to (hopefully, but highly likely) moving abroad and what it actually means. I also want to share other interesting things that happen to me or that I find worth sharing. This could include travel, recipes, products, photography, etc... I don't want to limit my posts in this blog to anything alone. But currently my life heavily revolves around getting to university and moving abroad, so it will be the main subject, at least for now.

Since this blog post will lengthen for too long for anyone to want to read it, if I will start ramble on about myself, I shall write a separate blog post introducing myself. That will be up next.

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