26 December 2014

Rant about Christmas

Couple days ago I wrote a Christmas post to my other blog (read here). In it I mentioned that I might write more about my feeling towards Christmas here, so here I go...

As I stated on my other blog, I don't celebrate. Obviously when I was a child, Christmas was a big deal like to any other kid, but once I grew older.. meh. One thing that might affect is that for past few years I have been living in places where I don't know that many people, or at least anyone who to spend the Christmas with. And celebrating something by yourself really doesn't feel like celebrating at all. But then again, I seriously am not interested in even celebrating Christmas.

I want it to be noted that even though my Christmas music post could have given that impression that I am depressed by Christmas or something, that's not the case. Obviously, holidays can bring up less happy thoughts to anyone, but I am not that easily saddened.

This year, the Christmas has thankfully passed by quieter than usual. I have been able to avoid most of Christmas commotion and music (I only listened few songs while writing my blog post). Because instead of getting sad at Christmas, I tend to get annoyed. People go seriously overboard during Christmastime. Like, many people have a huge stress over Christmas preparations and/or fight a lot. Reading from news, some people go totally crazy. And what for? It makes no sense to me...

What also annoys me, is that the Christmas is everywhere. You can't even leave your house without having Christmas decorations and such thrown at your face. If it can get annoying for people who celebrate Christmas, then think of us who don't (i.e. people from other religions). But the most annoying thing are the commercials and such. You simply can't avoid the commercials, they are everywhere. Every store everywhere tries to get people buy as much as they can. And people do. Some, I have heard, even take loans to buy Christmas presents, which makes as little sense to me as anything can. I already hate this culture of spending money and buying unnecessary stuff at a normal time, but during Christmas... I'm not going to start writing about the environment in this post... sigh.

And it is just not Christmas. If someone expresses their disliking of Christmas, people tend to say "Christmas is just once a year". But have you noticed how to definition of Christmastime has expanded seriously over the board? The first Christmas stuff start coming up in mid-October and last ones are put away mid-January. That is three months! A quarter of the year! Talk about once in a year... If it really was just once in a year thing, I don't think many people would mind, but 25% of the year is just waaaaaay too much. Seriously.

I grew up in a city where Christmas is a huge income and attracts tourists all over the world, so there Christmas is all around the year. Maybe I got overdose while living there? For me it also comes to the fact that I am not religious and I don't celebrate religious holidays. But then again, how many people really celebrates Christmas as a religious thing? Usually it just comes down to shopping and over-eating.

Okay, I am going to stop ranting now. I was not annoyed before starting this post, but while thinking about all this stuff, I have started to get slightly pissed off. So, better stop now. I am not going to stress over some holiday. I just wish people would keep it as that: just one holiday amongst others.