17 April 2015

Life right now

I have been less active on this blog, partly because with all the school work it is hard to find inspiration and partly because for the same reason my life has been fairly uninteresting recently. Besides I have been sick for months now (more on that later), which just adds up to these. But I made a decision to focus on this blog too once I have moved and am finished with the school work. Since that has happened, I will try to start blogging on this blog too.


My high school studies are at that point now that I can say I am done with the school! *Insert some confetti and party horn sounds here.* I have the mandatory amount of courses done and I am done with the finals. My history grade from the finals is likely going to be (at least based on the pre-grading done by a teacher) not as good as I hoped with the amount of studying I did, but other than that I could not be happier with my grades. 2 and half years of work definitely paid of. I will write a deeper analysis of my high school studies later on.

Though I still have one more high school course to do. Few weeks ago while I was sending my university applications, I found out that one of the universities required more history and/or social studies courses than the others. I had totally missed this previously since all the schools had same requirements in Danish grades (I am applying to universities in Denmark) and it did not cross my mind that they would have "translated" those into Finnish grades differently. So, I must do one more history course in order to fulfill the requirement. I was kind of hoping to be done with high school now, but at least it just one more course and on an interesting subject.

I have now send my university applications to Danish and Finnish universities. For Danish universities there is no entrance exams (which I think is a good thing), but for Finnish universities there is. Denmark is my number one choice, but I am going to study for the Finnish entrance exams just in case. There is three books and also a math course, that I already did in high school, to study, so I am going to be focusing on those too. I will be doing to entrance exam at the start of June in Turku (from where I just moved away and now I must travel back there, haha!).


The next month and a half I will be focused on the studies mentioned before. After that and possibly at the same time, I plan to study more Japanese and piano + music theory. Since in Autumn I will be most likely starting in a university, I want to take summer more easily to rest. But I find Japanese and piano fun to study, so I do not think they will stress me out. I also want to start exercising my actively, since so far my exercising has been a bit irregular. I just bought new running shoes; I have never run before, but maybe now I will. I also want to practice riding my bike, which I have not done in years. Roller skates could be a lot of fun too. This probably ends up so that in few months I will be blogging about hitting a reindeer with my bike...

As you might be able to guess from the reindeer comment, I am currently living at my father's place in Lapland (Northern Finland) in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing but forests with reindeers here. Since there is nothing to do around here, I am filling my time with the activities mentioned above and of course blogging. It is almost an hour to the closest city and I get car sick, so I am mostly staying put here.

I do also have plans for some travelling. I obviously need to save many for university (number one reason why I gave up my apartment), so I can not spend a lot for travelling. Besides the day trip to Turku for the entrance exam (I have some other plans too for that day), I need to go to Helsinki for a English language test (IELTS), which is required by the university I applied to. I am hoping to go to Tallinn, Estonia's capital, at the same trip. It is only a two-hour ferry ride from Helsinki to Tallinn and Estonia is a fairly cheap country, so it should be affordable, since I anyhow need to go to Helsinki. Also we, me and my father that is, have talked about taking a road trip to North, into Norway and possibly Sweden too. I really would like to go to Alta, Norway to see the rock carvings there. We could visit some other places on the way too.


Well, like I said I plan to be more active on this blog. So far my life has not been that interesting for a life-style blog with me focusing on the high school studies. Now there is more variety to write about. And if I get into a Danish university, then starting in Autumn I have so many things to write about! If this happens then I plan to write ie. about how a foreigner sees the Danish society and culture, and what obstacles a person can face moving into a strange country (I have only briefly visited Denmark) completely by herself and without really understanding the language.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words and videos must be worth even more, I have plans to start vlogging too. I have no experience in video editing, but since I am highly interested in video editing, I hope to get a hold of it. I think my experiences from Denmark would be more interesting on a video than text. But I want to start vlogging already in order to get practice so that by Autumn my videos will be decent. I think I need a lot of practice on being comfortably holding a camera, especially in public places! I still need to plan on this a bit more. And, quite essentially, I need to get a vlogging camera!

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