25 October 2015

My 24th birthday

I was actually originally going to post this as a part of the previous post, but I suppose the occasion requires its own post. So, as the title gives away, it is actually my birthday today. As of today, I am 24 years old. Which is a good age number, since 24 is one of my top favourite TV-shows of all time, haha.

My birthday tradition for few years (since 2009 actually) has been to organize a little photoshoot for myself. I hate being in front of a camera and I am not one of those selfie-takers, so this annual photoshoot is one of the only times I take photos of myself. So it is kind of a big deal to me. This year however, I am currently living in a hostel in a shared room, so setting up my photoshoot is not a very practical idea, plus I am already uncomfortable enough taking photos myself, let alone with audience. So my photoshoot will be delayed until 3.11. I will more of celebrate my birthday then.

Since I do not have new photos for this birthday (yet), let's post couple of old photos!

This first one I do not know exactly when it has been taken, but according to my father it is from a photoshoot (taken by a professional) for my first birthday. He does not remember if it was taken exactly on my birthday, but very close at least. I have recently posted this on my Instagram and Facebook (oh yeah, I have one of those nowdays), but I just want to post it here too, because this photo always makes me laugh!

Making evil plans since 1991. Okay, this photo was taken in 1992 obviously, but you get the idea.

This other one I took in 2012, on my 21st birthday. This is for some reason one of my favourite photos ever taken of me.

Twenty years between those two photos! Are you able to recognize it is the same person? I will post a new comparison photo once I take the photos for this year too.

On a conclusion: Happy birthday to me.

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