25 October 2015

My new life

Hello World (or at least my blog)! Mariya here, long time no see. Oh, where to start. It has been about three months (is it really that long! That's what she said..) since my latest blog post and a lot of things has happened since. It would be literally impossible to show them all into one blog post, but let's give a quick sum up:

1. I moved to Aarhus, Denmark
2. I started at the university

Okay, that is a pretty short sum up, but these two facts cause that I have had very eventful months. I will definitely want to write more about these things, as I have mentioned before, so we will get more deep into these matters little by little. But let's start with this short notice message.

When I most recently blogged, I did not realise it wouldn't be for a while until I blogged again. I assumed I would always have time for blogging, since I truly enjoy writing, but it turned out not. August was a very stressful month, since I needed to start preparing for moving, even when I did not even have a apartment or anywhere to move into. Moving to another country is always stressful, and I can say that if you have no idea where you are going, it is even more stressful. So, how did that end up? I will soon write a blog post about my arrival to Denmark.

But yes, I was way too stressed and worried about moving and starting at university during August, that I could simply not write even if I had some time for it. A lot of my time during my last weeks in Finland, went to organizing my things (I got rid of most of things, or left them with my father to be sold in a flea market) and stressing.

After arriving Aarhus, you can believe I was even more stressed with constant living place issues and the start of school. On top of that I left that piece of shit, which use to be known as my laptop, back in Finland, which made blogging decently hard. It took me couple of weeks to find that perfect computer and convince myself to spend so much money on it (meet Tonni here, or on the other maybe I will blog about her later on).

I do not say that I have time for blogging now, because I am constantly super-busy with school stuff, studying from morning until late at evening six days in a week, but since I truly enjoy writing, I will make time for blogging and writing. I do not know how much I will have time to write, but I will at least write. I am FINALLY getting a permanent place to live in 8 days, so maybe that helps something. We will see.

I have so many things to write about, that I have no idea where to start from! I promise there is lots of interesting things to come up (living in a foreign country, what I found weird about Denmark, university studies...), so stay tuned!

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